October, 1973 Founded with many universal die inventions
April, 1975 Held exhibitions all over Japan
October, 1976 Exhibited our products at an international trade show and received good response from the public
January, 1978 Moved the headquarters to the current location.
Made improvements in our Accounting.
Sales, Product Planning, and Design & Development Departments
November, 1979 Opened the Osaka Sales Office as our sales base in Western Japan
April, 1981 Opened the Nagoya Sales Office as our sales base in Central Japan Established a network to meet customers' needs throughout Japan
April. 1983 Developed an automatic positioning device using universal dies and computers, and begar developing the new field of “Kanatronics" (Universal-die-Electronics)
April, 1984 Held a "Kanatronics" show in our office and made a great sensation in a number of fields
June, 1985 Our first exhibitions overseas / Capital increased to 50 million yen
November, 1989 Opened our Osaka showroom
April 1990 Constructed a 2nd plant at our headquarters to improve production capacity
August 1999 Created the Fujikiko website
May, 2004 Expanded the 2nd plant at our headquarters
June, 2004 Opened an exhibitions at our headquarters and plant
May, 2005 Head an exhibitions in Singapore
June, 2005 Complated a new plant at our main site
July, 2008 Held an exhibitions in Viet Nam
October, 2008 Participated in the JIMTOF exhibitions
July, 2009 Held an exhibitions in Viet Nam
October, 2009 Attended the MF-TOKYO exhibitions
November, 2009 Thailand METALEX exhibitions
July, 2010 Held an exhibitions in Viet Nam
November, 2010 Thailand METALEX exhibitions
April, 2011 China CIMT exhibitions


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