Fuji Kiko’s Strengths

The quest for manufacturing possibilities using ideas that cannot be found anywhere else


we have been supplying valuable products that bring profit to our customers, backed by our experience and technology developed to craft manufacturing tools.

Technical capability

Our technical capability built up earnestly in universal dies is highly estimated in each field. Moreover, we take in the latest technology according to customers' needs and improve our skills.

Proposal capabilities

We examine machines or universal dies for the solutions of problems that customers have.
We offer our own products or systems with ideas based on vast of experiences and results.

Ability to react

Our motto is "to hear courteously and react with extreme care.
" Even after installing our products, our staff with specialized knowledge and skills will go to every corner in the world where you are for maintenances with prompt footwork.

Long term development, production and confidence in shipping record.


As a general manufacturer of metal processing machinery to over 10,000 companies with direct sales strengths.

human assets

Human assets In order to find out the needs of our customers, our sales staff have technical knowledge, and our R&D staff visit our customers together with our sales staff to provide a detailed response.

related assets

We do business with more than 10,000 companies that provide sheet metal processing regardless of the industry.
In cooperation with more than 250 contract manufacturers, we are able to respond flexibly to the various needs of our customers.

Development and planning capabilities

Since the establishment of Human Resources, we have been developing products to solve the various needs of our customers based on the know-how we have accumulated through the machining process. We then make proposals that are generalized, customized to meet the needs of the customer, and tailored to the site.

Responds to processing needs in all industries.
More than 300 product groups corresponding to the processing needs in all industries.


Developed various equipment by know-how and advanced technology cultivated through mold manufacturing technology.

Achievements to date

Since our founding in 1973, we have been developing universal dies full of good ideas for processing sheet metal that are safe, effective, and that anyone can operate.
We develop and sell original products that meet the needs of our customers, including hydraulic presses, punch presses, and deburring machines.
And we will keep moving forward, making things that people can use to advance their way of life, by improving our products and sharpening our skills.

Vision for the future

For the time being, we will continue to specialize in sheet metal processing and strive to expand our market share by deepening it.
We aim to make customers of sheet metal processing companies with whom we do not yet have business.
As for overseas development, we will continue to develop sales channels and secure manufacturing bases, and we will aggressively go to overseas sales to win over customers.

From inquiry to follow-up.
We can back up your operations.


Even after the product is introduced, our staff with expert knowledge will come to your home for maintenance.

Our system of manufacturing, delivery and maintenance

The parts for our products are manufactured at our subcontract factories, and 100% of the assembly is done by us.
After delivery and installation of the product, our sales and professional staff will take care of repairs and on-site maintenance.

Positioning of the organization

We respond to niche requirements that major manufacturers do not address. We handle everything from mold design to manufacturing and repair. We respond to various needs by customizing general-purpose products.


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